Our Services

Image by Iqbal Nuril Anwar from Pixabay

These are the services that we offer. At the bottom of this post is a “Quotation Request Form”. You will also find the link to a summary document explaining the detail of what is included and excluded from the services provided.


Light / medium editing

Any fiction or non-fiction as per our service categories list of criteria for light and medium editing

Proof reading / translation

All types of content and Translations: English and Afrikaans only

Editing of specific content

Three categories exist for editing of specific content such as Business and Corporate documents, policies, and company portfolio

Comment or critique reading

Comment or critique reading will ensure that a document keeps the reader in mind, and makes written information clear, accurate, and easy to understand.

Learners assist program

The Learner Assist Program provide tutoring for Grade 12 learners. Not all subjects are available. Group discount available for 2 or more students.

website and content administration

Our service include system updates and back-ups, layout setup, text & image edits. Blog Updates, quality checking of content, new page creation, monitor uptime, respond and monitor comments.


Download a summary of our services with the link below


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