Misty Minds

The mind is somewhat like a dense forest, where many seemingly independent little habitats exist, and where life goes on, even if stormy weather push and pull at us, the leaves on the trees die and tumble to the forest floor… or a cold winter wraps everything in ice.

In a forest, everything carries meaning; every leaf (dead or alive), every drop of water, and every flake of fallen tree bark contributes to the cycle of existence as the seasons come and go in a dependable pattern.

Some seasons are harsher than others. That is a given. Therefore, seeds and spores may lay dormant – waiting for just the right conditions to offer their brilliant splendour, and that is why I love forests; for the promise they bring of life and resilience, growth and potential. Peace and tranquillity. But a forest can also be a place where the mist obscures the view and uncertainty lurks in the dark shadows.

When entering a forest there are basically two options:

Take the often-walked pathway created by regular use where the hiker can enjoy the sounds and smells of the forest with less physical effort than, option two, where you dare to make your way through the brush which will require much energy. Scrapes and bruises are anticipated. Fatigue inevitable. There is a greater risk of getting lost, especially on a misty day.

One may contemplate, and plan, and weigh up options, but the storms of life will manifest and push you in directions where meaning is not always clear, and one's destination is a mere speckle of hope that things will work out in the end. Courage and persistence are much-needed companions.
(For some taking the path less travelled is not so much a choice but rather a burning desire to get away from wherever they are in their life).

But then the season changes, paths present themselves, resilience develops and unexpected blessings fall upon you. A ray of sun finds its way to the forest floor, a patch of mushrooms appears, wildflowers open up and display their beauty, a flock of birds chattering in delight, and a spread of mosses grow abundantly.

In the misty forest of my own mind, the haziness sometimes lifts and brings the perception that I belong to something bigger than myself, and that life always finds a way.

That is why the most important journey is the one in your head.

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