About Us

The site is a jumble of efforts with the initial goal of practicing Website making.

As the site grows it will offer a number of services, render affiliate programs, and will include blog posts with information on various topics.


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“From the misty forest of my mind” is the personal blog posting of TK which include snippets of perception, informal writings, scribbled-down reflections, and other hazy opinions.

Now and then you will also come across fictional stories, which are all works in progress. You may comment or complain about them as much as you want. We are all life-long learners.

There is no deliberate intention to offend any individual anywhere in the world, their religion, society, or group. The Author of these stories generally likes people. She currently lives in Africa, where the uncertainty brought about by life’s ordeals leaves a mark on most of its residents. She suspects it is the same in other parts of the world as well.

Through this website, you can connect with others, share experiences, reflect on the well-being of our people and our planet, and inspire each other with your own stories of hope, because those who are resilient will find their way through the misty urban forests, adapt to new governments, economic realities, health pandemics, and even changing weather patterns.